Fire Safety
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Murphy Complex, 2007    Idaho and Nevada

Productivity is never an accident.  It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

DB JET Enterprises, LLC is a private contracting company who specializes in Wildfire Suppression and Wildland Fuels Reduction Management.  We assist the United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, State and Federal Agencies, and the private sector.

Professional Forestry Industry Applications.

  • Precommercial Thinning
  • Thinning
  • Hand Piling
  • Pile Burning
  • Damaged Tree Removal
  • Fuels Pull back and Dispersement
  • Prescribed Fire Application
  • Site Preparation
  • Hand Line Placement
  • Wild Fire Prevention
  • Wild Fire Suppression
  • Lopping and Pruning
  • Fencing
  • Right of Way Fire Prevention and Protection
  • Grass Seeding
  • Road Brushing
  • Dust Abatement

DB JET crews have assisted in the rehabilitation, containment, and suppression of numerous wildfires throughout various geographical regions of the United States since 1992. 

Big Cypress Complex, 2007,  Florida Everglades

DB JET Enterprises, LLC was established in 1992 with one pickup truck and two chainsaws.  We began as a forestry and wildfire suppression business to compliment State, Federal, and private sectors in need of experienced wildland firefighters.

At the beginning of each year, long before the snow melts and the combustible fuels of the plains and our nation's forests turn from green to brown, DB JET begins the rigorous process of hiring and training new recruits and advancing experienced, seasoned personnel.

Two of DB JET Type IV engine modules and assigned crews.  2010

DB JET is always looking toward the future.  Our goal is to procure multiple opportunities with private sector, State, and Federal agencies to provide an accredited forward thinking wildland fuels application and wildland fire suppression company.

DB JET is fully licensed, bonded and insured to conduct business operations throughout the United States with a multi state workers compensation agreement.  

DB JET is a legitimate cost effective professional resource based upon a complete safety plan implementing awareness, understanding and support. There is one kind of discipline and that is perfect discipline. We are a small company that accomplishes very big things using an intelligent process at work with maximum efficiency. At DB JET we have no illusions of contractual specifications or complications of logistics. Nothing of substance is worth doing easy. "Trust by another name is built on time served."

Water Tender

Leaders in the wildland fire service are not only empowered but also duty-bound to act on a situation that is within our power to affect, even without direction from above.  This empowerment is not intended to encourage freelancing. In a high-risk environment, freelancing is a dangerous and unpredictable element, causing more harm than good.  Ultimately, leaders are always accountable for their actions.  A bias for action acknowledges wildfire as an environment where events do not always go according to plan.  At times during an incident, one person may be the only one in a position to see what needs to be done and to make it happen.  Time may not permit gathering all of the information that one might like to have, if you wait until you have all the facts to be 100% sure it will almost always be too late.

In these time critical situations, fire leaders use judgment, act within the intent of their leaders, work in unison with others, develop and communicate a plan, and then inform leaders of actions as soon as safely possible.

On a chaotic and rapidly developing wildfire, one person taking the initiative can make all the difference in seizing and taking advantage of on opportunity. Being hesitant, risk-averse, or indecisive can expose firefighters to greater long-term risks and translate into a waste of time, opportunity, energy, and money.